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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who's Wong? Wang or Wong?

Pansy Wong is obviously very concerned about Kenneth Wang's challenge in Botany as she has decided to complain to the Electoral Commission over those billboards. Of course any halfwit knows that the words are not encouraging a vote for Pansy or National, rather it is a message about MMP. Indeed, why would Kenneth encourage a vote for National! He's trying to get people to vote for him and ACT.

Pansy has every right to be worried. I'm picking a second electorate for ACT come November 8 and Pansy will be a list MP.

Now you all might 'pooh pooh' this, but no one gave Rodney any chance in Epsom in 2005 yet ACT delivered. I campaigned in the electorate during 2005 and it was obvious Rodney would win.

It is becoming more obvious by the day that Kenneth will win. Pansy's panicking confirms this.

She knows, I know and soon the fine people of Botany will know.

Hat tip: Blair Mullholland.